Dois métodos para tirar a medida do dedo :

Método 1: com uma fita

Medir dedo com fita.jpg

Confira o Tamanho na tabela

Tamanho         Circunferência (mm)


10                                     15

11                                    15,2

12                                    15,5

13                                      16

14                                     16,5

15                                       17

16                                      17,1

17                                      17,2

18                                      17,5

19                                       18

20                                     18,5

21                                       18,8

22                                        19

23                                       19,2

24                                       19,9

25                                        20

26                                      20,5

27                                       20,8

28                                        21,1

29                                       21,2

30                                       21,9

Método 2: com o nosso Gabarito

Let's show in 5  steps how simple and fast it is to find out the measurement of your finger so that you can send us

click to


The template image below is  illustrative;  DO NOT measure by the monitor, download the gauge and follow  The step  by step  below.

click to



Download the template and  make the impression. The 10 cm line inside the template is to ensure the measurements are correct; 


Choose a ring that feels comfortable on your finger;


With the template printed and in hand, place the ring on top of the template  on the hoop you find corresponding to the measurement of your ring;


Attention to shape:  wrong

Note, if the ring part covers the arrowheads, it will not be  this is the correct ring. If this happens, go to the next hoop;


Correct form

The arrowheads are not covered, they just touch the edges of the ring. All right?

Congratulations! Now just send us the rim number with your order. 

This was the best way that we at the Almeida Joias Family found to make it as easy and accurate as possible when it came to  send us the correct measurement of your finger (rim); we want to let you know that there is no infallible distance method.  If you still have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.